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This page is dedicated to a man that I never had the good fortune to meet. I am in search of another man, who will have the same abilities. I believe he exists, and I believe he is rightfully keeping a low profile.

I read about Edgar Cayce in the early sixties. I found his stories believable and absolutely interesting. I don’t know how many books I’ve read, by and about him, but I know it has been many. Those stories had a great influence on my life.

I have many stories written about my life, but not much about this. I realize, to complete my life story, that his influence must be brought to light.

I have been re-reading the old books, and the new ones, written after his death in 1945. Many new things have turned up.

In the seventies, I belonged to an ARE group near San Diego. When I moved, I never became involved again. Since I now have new interest in his readings, I plan to join the ARE foundation in Virginia Beach.

Thus I am starting a page about Edgar Cayce, along with a “Comments Page” to enter comments from readers of these pages. I will first read the comments before posting them. I will post the name of the person; with the submitter’s permission.

My purpose is to bring together those who want a good change in the world, and to find that man, whom I spoke of earlier. For his help will be greatly appreciated. I will, of course, respect his privacy.

I have no idea where this will go, but I feel I will be guided.

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