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Ronald (Ron) George McAlister

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  Ronald (Ron) George McAlister, long time resident of San Rafael, passed away peacefully at the Kaiser Memorial Hospital in Redwood City, CA., March 10, 2009.

     Ron was born in Washington, D.C. on June 20, 1934. He was a Cosmetologist for 43 years. Ron was a lover of the arts and a caring soul, who helped many people in many ways. His memory will not fade away in the minds of those who knew him. He traveled the world and appreciated the beauty that he saw, he made new friends where ever he went. People connected with him and became his lifelong friend. He brought out the best in every individual and made them feel like they were not only unique but the best - many lives were healed. Many  joined his family, and to this day, they feel connected to each other.

Ron loved to find a bargain and you would probably see him stopping at a garage sale or a thrift store to purchase a new treasure. He loved art of all forms and surrounded himself with many artists in all of the fields. He will be remembered by so many as being his best friend. That is how important he was to so many people. He is truly a shining star that will stay with so many of us for ever. His memory will not fade away in the minds of those who knew him.

Ron is survived by his Family - Two Sons: Sterling B. McAlister, and Mark Ashe McAlister, his Brother, James McAlister, his Ex-wife, Margaret A. McAlister and two grandchildren, Evan and Emily McAlister.

Comments from friends:

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Carole Kost, Rome, Italy -  This photo was taken on Halloween, I think it was around 1961. Ron and Jay dressed as nuns. I was at the house when they were getting ready. What fun! We laughed our heads off at the thought of a nun on a motorbike! Unforgettable.
So they took off and rode around and then we all met at a local gay bar, as we often did. The most wonderful part of all this is that it was all totally safe and innocent.

Martha and Al Corpe - not valid at this time) (-  Oroville,Calif. Butte, 1530589-1280,  I just wanted to say I had known Ron for quite a few years. My husband did work for Ron here in Oroville on some of his rentals. We really didn't get to see him very much. Only when he came up to do check on his places and hire Al for some repairs. Ron was a very nice man and I really enjoyed talking to him when he was up. He did come to one of my birthday parties and was kind enough to bring a gift. That was what was so special of him. He always thought of other people even when he really didn't know me at the time. We always sent Christmas cards back and forth just to let him know that he was always on our minds. He will truly be missed by everyone. Martha

Monica Yocom -  - Thousand Oaks, Ca.
 Ron has been a friend of my mother's for years. He supported her and nurtured her from the time we both were young up until the end. He was there for her when I wasn't (I was too busy thinking I knew better about what a "perfect" mom was supposed to be) and he supported me when I got a wake-up call about criticism from my own teenager.
            Actually, Ron was a good mom. He was like a Mom to my mom when my grandmother was so critical. Thank god she had Ron to turn to. He really loved her for who she was completely. He thought she was amazing and she thought the same about him.
             I remember the time the three of us went to a hair show in San Francisco. It was such a blast! Ron was making me laugh so hard! And he kept raving to everyone about what a cute figure I had and how I made all of the models jealous. He always had such an appreciation of beauty, but not at the expense of love though. He made people feel beautiful. He made me feel beautiful.
          I told my mom that Ron is still with us. A beautiful from the limitations of the body, helping to make things happen here in this physical world that we cannot make happen alone.
     Thank you Ron for being here for all of us......
Love, Monica

Maryann Lento Velasquez,  Aptos, California  U.S.A.
Ron McAlister was first a friend of my parents- Frank and Stella Lento.  He became my friend when he hired me, in 1965,during my senior year in high school to work as a "Saturday girl" in his shop, Maison d' Or.  That was my first introduction to the working life and I have to say, no other job has ever matched up in terms of fun and treatment by my boss.   Ron was an amazing people person.  His customers adored him and were all his "best friends".  He never hesitated to express his opinion and had an incredible memory.  He named me "Monique" and introduced me as to all the customers...that became my name from then on.  He quickly became a favorite of all of my friends and throughout the years, always expressed interest in  them and their lives.
            Ron was a kind, funny and loving man.  He was interested in everything and everyone.  His wit was razor sharp and he loved a good story.  He loved the Bargain Box and I always loved him for that.  Although he could at times be very intense, what I remember most about him was his great laugh and how much fun he was to be around.  He had an amazing way of making each person feel special and interesting.
             What I loved most about Ron was his open heart and generous spirit.  He forever won my heart towards the end of my senior year when my mother refused to buy me a new dress for my senior ball.  (She had picked out an inexpensive {but pretty} dress for me for an earlier prom, which I agreed to wear only if I could get a dress of my choice for the senior ball).  When the time for my new dress rolled around, my mother reneged on her promise because she felt that I already had a beautiful dress-so why waste the money on another dress.  I was INCENSED and when I went into work the next Saturday, I went straight to Ron to melodramatically complain.  A couple of days later, Ron called my mother and saying "STELLA" (as only he could!) and told her that he was taking a day off from work (!) and was taking me shopping and was going to  buy me a new dress for the prom.  True to his word, he picked us up and took us to San Francisco  for a wonderful lunch and a full day of shopping to every store downtown to find the perfect dress for me.  He and my mother waited outside the dressing rooms in I. Magnin and every other upscale shop while I tried on-and then modeled each dress.   It turned out that I never found a dress I liked enough to spend that much money on-so I came to my senses and agreed to wear my original dress.  Ron ended up giving me a a card with money in it to buy something I wanted for myself as a gift.
          I have never forgotten that touching act of kindness and have always been so grateful to him for treating me as if I were so special.  I know that it was not a slight thing for him to give up a full day of work-but he did it just for me.  It was so nice to have someone stick up for me and be my ally during that traumatic teen-age crisis time  in my life.
          During that summer, I babysat during the day for his sons, Sterling and Mark and was impressed by what a loving father he was to them.  He was a very happy and proud grandfather. 
         Ron has always remained a part of my life.   He was truly a unique individual and it was a gift to have him in my life.  I will miss him and all that he has meant to me throughout the years.  I will always smile when I think of his laugh.
         Ron has been on my mind a lot lately and I have been meaning to write him a note to say hello.  This morning, I woke up thinking about him and feeling guilty that I have procrastinated so long...and about how I was going to write him today and send him an updated picture of my family.  Then, my husband handed me the One in a Million card about his memorial.  Here is my belated note to you Ron...Thank you and I love you!
    Maryann "Monique" Lento Velasquez

Cindi Valverde - - Novato, Ca.
I miss you so much.  I think of you every day

Sam Younghans, - Glendale CA
      I met Ron in 1960. I came to San Francisco for a two week visit that elapsed into six months.  During that time Ron hired me to work in one of his shops in downtown San Francisco.
        While stopping at his main shop, on Leavenworth Street, I met my future wife, Paula Samonte, the Mother of my Son, Torre, and my Daughter, Samantha.
       Paula and I returned to Miami to pick up my things and then returned to San Francisco. It was Ron's suggestion that took us to Reno to get married. Ron was the best man.
      No matter where we moved, we were always in touch with Ron. He was a central figure who always kept the group together to this very day.
         Cindi Valverde, and Paula Samonte, Ron's long time friends, were at Ron's side at the Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City when he passed on.
        I was in Las Vegas, expecting to meet up with Ron.  When he didn't show, I received calls from Cindi and Paula, who kept me posted.
       I believe I speak for all of us when I say, "God speed Ron. We will get together one day again."

- 06/18/2010 - The photo below was take from the film "Milk" with Sean Penn. I was watching the DVD, and they were showing actual flashbacks of that time, and all of sudden, there was Ron.  I remember when he had the mo-ped, and I remember him wearing the nun's outfit; I think it was for Halloween, but not necessarily. If anyone viewing this has any photos of Ron from that time. Please send them to me (CLICK HERE) in a jpeg (JPG) format. Ron's birthday is two days away. June 20th.


Ron in"MILK" Ron McAlister in a flashback scene from the film "MILK" with Sean Penn.


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