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  Books by Annie Reiner, Sonny Barger, Rudy Shappee, Hell's Angeles, Laura Glusha, David Bengston, Sam Younghans, & more.
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Children's Stories Listen to stories read on line.
Books by Maria Corelli, Queen Victoria's favorite novelist.
Some Short Stories by Sam Younghans.
Christmas Fun on the Net Books, Photos, Etc.
Audrey's Book Store: An excellent site for books of all kinds.
A section for the books, plays and screenplays written by Sam Younghans.
There will soon be a used book list on this site for the many books I have that I would like to share.

The books listed below were written by friends, who are excellent writers.

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Angel Horses   ANGEL HORSES- A wonderful book published by - The stories are inspiring. Be sure to have a tissue for your tears of joy. Sam Younghans has a story in the book titled Playing Games With My Pal Brady

Angel Horses Press Release

Horses with a Mission  HORSES WITH A MISSION -  Another book published by - "Like Angel Horses"  the stories are inspiring. Once again be sure to have a tissue for your tears of joy. Sam Younghans has a story in the book titled Asleep with Saki.

img.gif (15792 bytes)ELVES SAVE CHRISTMAS Title Changed
 A wonderful Christmas Story for Children of all ages. $9.95 (Pay only $7.95 through this site.) Click  to Order with your charge card. Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

CxmasElves Save Christmas - Illustrated. THE TITLE HAS BEEN CHANGED. This is the story of how Santa was luerd to the great ice caves by Bogwig, the king of the evil trolls. Then, how the brave elves saved Santa and Christmas.

sukto2.jpg (88341 bytes) SUCK-A TOE: 
 A beautiful, true story of a little De Brazza monkey, written and illustrated by artist, Laura Glusha, who met "Suck-a-toe" in the Los Angeles Zoo.

ARgalaxy.gif (65740 bytes)   A VISIT TO THE ART GALAXY  Order #401
by writer/painter Annie Reiner.  A delightful, innovative approach to Modern Art for children. $17.95


  ARSeed.gif (43398 bytes)   
THE LONG JOURNEY OF THE LITTLE SEED #402 A wonderous tale of an echanting journey through the eyes of a tiny seed, who wasn't sure who she was. Written and illustrated by Annie Reiner. $17.95



Information about Marie Corelli, Queen Victoria's favorite writer.

ARcrazy.GIF (50517 bytes) THIS NERVOUS BREAKDOWN IS DRIVING ME CRAZY  by Annie Reiner - Order #403 - An hilarious book of short stories that presents a window of the mind. Reading these insightful stories creates a feeling of deja vu that brings one back to the basic truths of our emotions and feelings. To enjoy these tales  leave your ego behind, get down and enjoy. $17.95

Anniee ReinerMIRAGE A TROIS - Order #404
by Annie Reiner. Produced at the Santa Monica Playhouse.  An excellent play with lots of heady stuff. About a playwright whose characters become his analysts. $7.95 

garraow  STOP & MAINTAIN #231 Why not STOP SMOKING? You can do it now for $17.75.  It is so simple. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone!  DO IT NOW!  Click  TO ORDER WITH YOUR CHARGE CARD.

garraow   Updated
Hells Angels  Sonny Barger'Book - Hells Angels.  
The real story of the Hell's Angels.
To Sonny Barger's website Click Here!

I met Sonny when I was with the Grateful Dead. Some years later we met, and he told me about his book. I immediately posted it on my site.  The top link will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase his books.

garrow  New Author! 
BengtsonDavid.jpg (25217 bytes)PAST LIVES OF FAMOUS PEOPLE - JOURNEYS OF THE SOUL #231
 by David Bengtson -  Once started you will not be able to put it down. It is a thought provoking, stimulating story.
This book is also available in German language and in Korean language editions.  $20.00 includes shipping.

garrow  Bk_DestnyLtd.GIF (63390 bytes)  New Author!  
Destiny Unlimited
by Vanessa Davis Griggs. "Come along Child,we have much to do but not much time to do it."


garrow    New Author!  MakingMyWay.GIF (94516 bytes)
A great new book by Rudy (Terry) Shappee. His poignant memoirs of his early life in the North West. His presentation will bring you into a nostalgic era of his life and will awaken the nostalgia of your life as well..  $11.95 Plus $3.00 shipping.