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Hi Cindi: Thought you might like to see one of your guys in motion.
I'm really happy you are doing this. It is going to be a winner.
I've got the word - we are winners!
Happy Birthday!

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All of the illustrations below were released to me, I have all of the original artwork, and can change or alter them. The backgrounds are nice, but I don't like the figures - they are two harsh and ugly and are not what I am looking for. This is a warm and fuzzy story, and the illustrations should be warm and fuzzy. Even the trolls should be warm and fuzzy.  Click here to go back to first page.

Bogwiwg in the ice caves with his Trolls

Two Live Elves
(The girl on the right is Samantha's daughter)

Santa with Flasher (was Rudolph) all the figures have to be changed

Gribby (Santa's main man,) Grug (Bogwig's main man) and Bogwig - Three, of the many, characters to be marketed as dolls, games, coloring books, etc..

Santa Dreaming in the ice caves

Mrs Santa watching Santa on TV

Santa in his workshop

Bogwig and his Trolls foiled by the elves