Russell G. Copley

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Stanley Kowalski
(Siddartha Calacuayo)

Blanche DuBois
(Violet Ruiz)

Stella Kowalski
(Mellissa Chan)

 Harold (Mitch) Mitchell
(Carlo Estella)





Eagle Rock High School
Address: 1750 Yosemite Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90041-2899
Box Office: 323 254-6891
Dates: December 1 - 2 - 3 &  4
Thur, Fri, Sat @ 8:00 PM
Sunday @ 3:00 PM
Ticket Prices: $8.00 presale
                       $10.00 at the door

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Negro Woman - Rosemary Bowers
Eunice Hubbell - Sarah Nicole Macias
Stanley Kowalski - Siddartha Calacuayo
Stella Kowalski - Melissa Chan
Steve Hubbell - Erik Merino
Harold (Mitch) Mitchell - Carlo Estella
Mexican Woman - Damaris Orpinela
Blanche Dubois  - Violet Ruiz
Pablo Gonzales - Justin Ortiz

Doctor - Nick Hall
Nurse - Raisa Donato
Young Collector - Raymond Gonzales

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A Link to Eagle Rock High

For Immediate Release

If you like A Streetcar Named Desire, you will love this fantastic, unbelievable, smokin' production, directed By Russell Copley at the Eagle Rock High School.

Russell is not your run of the mill high school, or college director. His talent and creativeness far outreach the "ho hum" productions of most of the productions of today’s theatre. His recent productions of Antigone-The Remix and La Loteria have created a storm of interest in North East Los Angeles.

Russell is also a talented, creative actor (SAG/Equity) who has more than proven his worth in that field. See his resume to know that past. Russell was raised in South Africa and came to Los Angeles via Australia, England, Ireland and Holland. He has no connection in Hollywood. We all know about connections. But that is not stopping this man from giving his talent to his students, who have learned that he is just what I said: talented, creative and determined.

For a start he has cast Siddartha Calacuayo as Stanley, who will not be another Marlon Brando type, but more of a Johnny Depp type. Carlo Estella, plays Mitch as a disabled war veteran, unlike Karl Malden's performance as an overweight klutz. Violet Ruiz plays Blanch DuBois, and will be depicted more like a Scarlet Johansson sultry type rather than a Vivien Leigh's OCD basket case. Finally, Melissa Chan, plays a strong Stella. This is just the start.

Two Warner Bros. set designers, Matt Russell and Kristen Merlino, graduates of Carnegie Melon Design School in Pittsburgh, PA are designing the sets. Be prepared for a huge "outside the box" visual head-spinner.

This production, without a doubt, will be a mind buzzer, that will have people buzzing for a long time. This production was planned a year ago, long before the destruction of New Orleans. Although the play is set in New Orleans, they are not looking to utilize that fact. " To ride on the misery of thousands is not our goal." remarked Russell.

If you know a Broadway producer who is seeking a winner, tell them to come to the Eagle Rock production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" - they will find their winner. Please call 323-982-1442 or email for more information and photos.

Note: Half of all of the fundraiser proceeds go to the New Orleans Humane Society. They raised $2,100 in a recent fundraiser for the Animals of New Orleans. This is a link to that Humane Society.






                      Show Times: December 1, 2, 3  and 4.
                      In the Eagle Rock High School’s auditorium.
                      Ticket prices are: $8.00 presale, $10 at the door


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