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New owners have taken over the Hosting of this site. I am very displeased, but I think it is a blessing in disguise. I am going to quit wasting time with the website, and start writing.

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As I write stories and post them, the titles with a link will appear on this menu page. I have many stories written that I will bring to these pages, along with photographs related to the stories. I guess they are now labeled eStories, or eBooks.

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MY FRIENDS - Stories of the animal friends in my life. It will be in book form with ficton and non-fiction stories about those other creatures on this planet.

KING - My first animal friend.

ASLEEP WITH SAKI - About a horse who was romantic.

GINGER - My first horse.

PLAYING GAMES WITH MY PAL BRADY - About a horse that loved to play games.

                          OTHER NON-FICTION

DO AND DON'T DO My lack of social interchange.


A LIKELY STORY - About a man rescued at sea by a business man.

DOVES OF PEACE - About two doves who prove peace is possible.

MEAN, BUT NOT ALL BAD - About Fallopi, who lives in the town of Tube.

MEAN: THE BEAR STORY - Fallopi meets a bear.

MEAN: SALLY JO COMES TO TOWN - Fallopi meets Sally Jo.

THEĀ  ADVENTURES OF WILLOW LAKE - About a turtle, who taught a man the value of life.

THE TURTLE AND THE SNAIL - A short, short humorous story.

First Drafts: in development

BLUEBERRIES - A story about the beginning of humans.

TO OUR FRIEND, STAAJA - Adventure in Pittsburgh, PA. (Not written for children)

THE ISLAND - The story of a man stranded on a desert island and enjoying it.

GIZA - CREATION OF THE SPHINX & PYRAMIDS - This story is the results of self-hypnosis, dreams, and meditation. It is a theory of how the pyramids and the Sphinx were created.

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Omega, the last ship to leave Earth
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