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by S.A. Younghans.

Moonbeams riding down the trail,
On the rays of love.
Supported by the glowing stars,
From the skies above,

Not stopping for anything
Until they fill my room.
Catching on my window sill,
Chasing off my gloom.

Life is always changing,
Right before my eyes.
Caterpillars changing
Into pretty Butterflies

Caterpillars curling up,
Each in a tiny cocoon,
Waiting for the change to come,
then flying to the Moon.

Those things are there for all of us,
As Music does fill the air.
Butterflies and Moonbeams,
Sending moon blossoms every where.

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by S.A. Younghans

I was tired and sleepy,
And felt something creepy,
As I entered the dark room.
A monstrous body was on the bed,
As long as a witches broom.

At first I was startled
To see such a thing,
Then I remembered,
As I heard a bell ring.

My Daughter, Candace,
Stopped by to visit me,
When she started for town,
She left Honey Bee.

Since I was tired and sleepy,
I climbed into bed.
As I did this, Honey Bee
lifted her sweet head.

She snorted and grunted
As I pushed in beside,
That heavenly body,
And her soft furry hide.

Once settled, and snuggled,
I patted her round rump.
I told her I loved her,
And her tail gave a thump.

She gave a long sigh,
then started to snore,
I knew she was telling me,
“Don’t be a bore.”

I looked outside in the morning,
Thinking, “Eternally, we are all one.”
Then I saw the tulips a glow in the garden,
They told me, "Spring has sprung."

The God of the Universe gave us love,
A love that comes from far, far above.
The love that started with one tiny spark,
From the Creator, who lit up the dark.

In the beginning, we were all one.
When we love ourselves, we love everyone.
If we first love ourselves, the love will start,
A love that comes from deep in your heart.

If we first love ourselves, our love will spread,
Like honey on a slice of homemade bread.
So let out your love, let it flow free.
Start it by saying, “I love me.”

Soon it will grow,
And you will love everyone.
You will make everyone glow,
like the noonday sun.

When we all realize
That we are all one,
Happiness and peace
Will have just begun.

God, Creator, or Universal Force,
Is much debated,
But, by any name you call it;
It is totally related.

I Choose saying "God,"
because it’s so highly rated.
Total perfection is what God created.

Seeing perfection,
Helps clear ones mind.
Make no exceptions,
Ere you will be in a bind.

Be caring and loving,
And always be kind.
Happiness and peace
You will surely find.

I see this great Universe,
made with God’s perfection.
Made for all,
with no room for exception.

Why was it done?
Where are we going?
Who is to say?
If we treat Mother Nature well,
Life won't be boring.

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by S.A. Younghans

I am the Baron Waste. 
I am the Baron Waste.
I love to see the smog and filth
Caused by all the waste.

It wont be long before I win.
There isn't a city I haven't been in.
All I have to do is wait.
All I have to do is wait.

I have many people helping me;
They spread the litter,
And make the trash.
They do it without thinking;
And they do it for the cash.

They spill the chemicals,
They pollute the air;
I love them, I adore them,
Because - they - don't - care.

I am the Baron Waste.
I am the Baron Waste.
I love to see the smog and filth
Caused by the Human Race.

We've got the biggest on our side;
Business as usual, no free ride.
We must show a profit,
And we know that we are right.

If you try to stop us;
Be ready for a fight.

There are more of us
Than there are of you.
There's no way we can lose.
If you win an inch, we'll take back two,
Any - time - we - choose.

I am the Baron Waste.
I am the Baron Waste.
I love to see this pretty planet
Turning into waste.

I know I'm winning,
Because It is showing,
Everywhere I go.
It's in the water, it's in the air,
It's even in the snow.

Fish are dying, birds stop flying,
Oil is in the Bay.
Ozone is going, Plants stop growing,
Fallout is on the way.

I am the Baron Waste.
I am the Baron Waste.
I love to see the smog and filth
Caused by all the waste.

There isn't a city I haven't been in.
It wont be long before I win.
All I have to do is wait.
All - I - have - to - do - is - wait.

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by S. A. Younghans

After listening to the latest news,
Are you happy, or do you have the blues?
I guess that question depends upon;
Your state of mind, and what you choose.

If you have listened faithfully to the news,
You have done more than pay your dues.
You have certainly allowed those greedy ones
A chance to win, and make sure you lose.

What do you do after listening to the news?
When those commercials,
and the news, give you the blues?

Many people, of good faith, turn to booze.
To forget what they heard
on the latest BS news.

The news, and the commercials,
program your mind.
They move you together
in one stupid kind.

Go ask your doctor”
the commercials all say.
Their only concern is,
that you have the money to pay.

Both news and commercials,
the elders, they do abuse.
Their comments and suggestion
are nothing but a ruse,

Subliminal suggestions
are what they use.
“Go call your doctor
before you blow a fuse.

Cheap innuendos,
an insulting line,
As if elders have no mind.

It is an insult to all people,
you will surely find.
It is time, time to stop this
terrible abuse of the mind.

Why do you do it, if you have a choice?
Why do you do it, when you have no voice.
Why do you do it, why do you choose,
Those, “after the news” deep down blues?

You don’t have to, you know,
there are other ways.
Let go of those commercials
for healthier days.

And even the news and its evil ways,
Will make you happy,
if on the television it stays.

Confusion and anger
are followed by hate,
They have you on the hook,
because you took the bait.

Stop listening to myths
before it’s too late,
And PLEASE, don’t let your children
learn how to hate.

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