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by Sam Younghans
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by Sam Younghans
Thursday, August 19, 2010
(A first draft)


The story I am about to relate is one that has been told for thousands of years; before words were written, or rules made, telling us how to live. I know this because there is nothing new in this world, everything has been out there forever, we just don’t always recognize it, and with some, the ego takes command and insists on being the first with an “original” story, invention, etc.

I have no idea where this story is going, or who it was who first told this story. Many of my stories started out this way – I just start writing, and the thoughts come to me. You are welcome to travel along, although I am not able to promise you anything. (A little tip: If you are reading this, it must have turned out fairly interesting, or it wouldn’t be in print.)

Different things trigger these stories. For example, as I am writing this, I am enjoying a cup of coffee made with delicious coffee beans that I bought at Traders Joes.  A wonderful chain of markets that cater to the people, offering choice selections of food, at reasonable prices – rare in today’s “bottom line” world.

I was also enjoying a piece of multi-grained toast, spread with peanut butter and blueberry jam – all purchased at Trader Joe’s Market. The idea for this story came to me as I was eating the toast and looking at the blueberries. Blueberries! That is what I will write about.

I don’t know a thing about blueberries. I believe they grow on a bush, but I don’t know what kind of bush they grow on, or even, where they grow. I don’t believe I have ever seen a blueberry bush.(Since I started writing this, I have moved several times and now live in Ashland, Oregon. Where I live now there is a blueberry bush in the front yard. I pick what I want.)   I remember reading that they were very good for you - something to do with your immune system – the jam is delicious. I do know that I don’t require knowledge of blueberries to write a story with blueberries in it. Usually, I start off my stories with a title “TO BE DETERMINED,” as I did this story. When the story develops I find a title. At this point, I went back and gave this story a title. Now, on with the story!

As I said before, this story was told thousands of years ago, so let go back thousands of years. At this point in my life I like “true” history. I say true history, because so much of it has been changed to appease the so-called protectors of our thoughts and actions. In school, I found history boring because of the way it was taught, and I now realize that a lot of that history was not factual. It was rare to find a teacher who made it interesting. I have had a few of those dedicated teachers, who made the subjects interesting, so I knew there were better ways. As Dr. Albert Einstein says, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school."

Just one more thing. This question is to see if you are seeing this from the same view as I have, about our beginning. What do you think the first piece of clothing was that most of those humans chose? Think a moment before you read on. When you have decided, then read the next question, and answer it before moving on. Why do you think they chose that as their first piece of clothing? When you have answered that, remember your answers. I will tell you what, and why, I feel as I do as the story progresses. So, now, on with the story, which you will find in one of my short story books. When it is published it will be posted here."


CHAPTER I (It is written)

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